The Benefits of Investing in Real Estate

Here are three reasons we think you should invest in real estate.


Year after year, real estate has proven its ability to deliver superior income streams to investors.


While other types of investments zig and zag, real estate has a reputation for staying steady.

Risk-Adjusted Return

Managing your portfolio’s risk doesn’t need to mean sacrificing return potential.

Investing Made Easy

To Make A Long Term Investment

Real estate is the most popular long-term investment option. In fact, there is more money invested in real estate than in equities in the United States stock market. With a history of long-term appreciation, real estate is used by many smart investors to build wealth.

To Manage Systematic Risk

Real estate investments tend to have a lower systematic risk (unavoidable risk) and tend to be less volatile and more predictable than traditional securities. Investments with Cresfund are traded at a lower frequency than typical securities. Consequently, daily changes in value are generally smaller and fewer in comparison with publicly traded investments.

To Increase Portfolio Diversification

Wise investors invest in a number of asset classes and markets. Diversified portfolios simply tend to perform better than highly correlated portfolios. Generally speaking, the more investments you hold with little or no correlation (closely related investments in the same portfolio), the more diversified your portfolio is and the more likely it is to have reduced volatility and higher returns. Cresfund offers a strategy that moves beyond investments in the public market and offers private market investments, or alternative investments, for the purpose of diversification.

To Hedge Inflation

Real estate is a hard asset. Hard assets have the power to hedge inflation by increasing it’s intrinsic value and earning income at the same time. Real estate assets, naturally limited in supply, typically see their values rise as the general price levels (inflation) for goods and services rise. When they do, that means money into the pockets of those invested in it.

To Receive Better and More Consistent Returns

Historically, investors with portfolios that include real estate have outperformed those who only own stocks and bonds. Cresfund has developed a strategy of investing in real estate that may give investors a more predictable and more steady rate of return.

Reviews From Our Clients

“You have an awesome team of skilled and qualified people. Everyone melds and performs in a exceptional manner. I have nothing but admiration for how the process has unfolded. From Josh, to Kyler, to Ross (for closing). Thank you again. I would rate you and your team as ten plus. Have a great day.”


"Before Cresfund, I was stuck in a financial rut. But now, I see a future filled with possibilities. The returns I've earned are amazing, but it's the peace of mind that's truly priceless. Cresfund has turned me from a skeptic into a lifelong investor. Thank you for giving me the financial freedom I've always dreamed of."

Mike Johnson

"Investing with Cresfund has been a game-changer for me. In just one year, my portfolio's ROI exceeded all my expectations. It's not just about the numbers, though. The team treats you like family, providing personalized advice that makes the journey truly rewarding. I can't recommend them enough!"

Sarah Williams