Darrin Collins is an investor and entrepreneur with nearly 30 years of experience. Darrin is the founder and current CEO of Cresfund, a North Carolina based investment company, with a focus on business development and a heavy emphasis in real estate

Mr. Collins founded Cresfund as a vehicle for minded investors looking for options in addition to “Wall Street” backed investments. Cresfund is the culmination of twenty plus years of expertise gained from multiple investment funds he developed and managed.

Cresfund exists to assist investor clients around the country with their investment strategy, distribution/allocation, and long-term wealth building. Our unique approach to creating value is one of the reasons for our clients’ continued success. Our funds have historically used real estate as a primary asset for wealth building strategies.

Darrin is also the founder of Cresfund Builders, a construction company with a focus on rehabilitation and value add. With forty plus years in the construction industry, Darrin brings extensive knowledge of development, building and rehabilitation.

In addition to other subsidiaries, Mr. Collins, along with his wife Lindsay, has also founded a real estate brokerage firm as well as a property management company. These are both thriving companies that help maintain quality control and a standard of excellence for Cresfund.

Through the years, Darrin has understood the value of teamwork. His philosophy has been, “to build something long-term requires a world-class team.” He has recruited and built a team of experts from finance, real estate, construction, and management. Mr. Collins believes, “Successful teams build successful businesses with generational impact.”

While it is typical that high level investments usually are for more seasoned, accredited investors, we have positioned Cresfund to allow entry level investors be accepted into the space.