Why Cresfund?

An Outdated Model

A traditional brokerage firm and advisor charge a fee to the client whether the client’s investments go up or down. If you invest $500,000.00 with a traditional broker and your investment loses $50,000.00 the first year, that firm is still getting paid a significant fee on your investments. This model creates what we refer to as portfolio drag, and can significantly erode the earnings of a portfolio over time.

The Cresfund Model

Cresfund’s model is vastly different. Firstly, Cresfund does not get paid a management or administration fee, or a fee of any kind until we make money for the client. How does our model work?

Simple. Cresfund doesn’t receive any money until 5% is returned to the investor.

After 5% we simply split the return with the investor. This means we have to work hard for the client first and after they make money only then do we make money. We do not believe you should charge a fee if the client does not make money.

See the following examples:

This model serves the client first rather than the other way around like traditional Wall Street models. We truly believe by putting the client first we build long-term healthy relationships that benefit the client and Cresfund. A win-win scenario. Investing should be simple and transparent, not difficult and confusing.

Is Cresfund a REIT?

No, we are not structured like a REIT. A traditional REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) generally buys in “A” real estate markets and is purchasing primarily for the long-term equity.

REIT’s buy when they have money to invest. They don’t watch the market very much, and are not as concerned about buying below the current market price. This can create inefficiencies in the model and pass on fees and market woes to the client.

How Does Cresfund Purchase Real Estate?

We purchase in “B” and “C” markets for both equity and yield. “B” and “C” real estate markets tend to be less volatile than “A” markets.

We don’t use traditional loans and use cash to buy discounted and distressed properties that we can increase the equity and yield in.

Can I Invest From A Qualified Plan Like A 401(k), IRA, Roth, etc.?

Yes, we use a third-party Trust Company to ensure all qualified plans remain in a qualified tax-advantaged plan. We never recommend moving from a qualified plan to and non-qualified investment.

Can I Get My Investment Out?

We typically like a 3-5 year minimum commitment and generally avoid short term investments. However, in the event someone has a need for their money, we have a specified withdrawal period of 90 days.