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With Cresfund, investing in real estate outside wall street is now available, offering an alternative to the usual market risks and volatility. Through Cresfund’s private offering you have an investment backed by a hard assets. This strategy generally has less risk and volatility than typical investments in the stock market and may result in higher returns to the investor.

Turnkey Rentals

A hands-free model of
rental property ownership

  • Investor Purchases Rental Property from Cresfund
  • Property is managed by Cresfund Property Management
  • Management company acquires tenant on behalf of investor/owner
  • Property is typically income producing from day one
  • Property ownership provides multiple returns on investment:
  • Cash Flow
  • Tax Reduction
  • Asset Appreciation
  • Equity Accumulation

Focus: Equity Accumulation

Capital Fund

  • Investor loans capital to Cresfund
  • This is created for the small investor
  • Minimum 2-year capital commitment
  • Minimum investment: $5,000
  • 6.5% Fixed rate of return
  • Paid out quarterly

Focus: Liquidity

Partners Fund

  • Investor purchases shares of Cresfund Partners
  • Minimum 5-year capital commitment
  • Minimum investment: $250,000
  • 5% Preferred Rate of return (not guaranteed)
  • 50% Split between Investor and Cresfund thereafter

Hypothetical example:

  • Fund produces 15% total return in a year
  • 5% is returned to investors first
  • Investors receive additional 5%
  • Investors total return of 10%
  • Cresfund receives 5%

Focus: Stability and Long-Term Growth


Investor purchases shares of a Project

  • Multifamily
  • Land Development
  • New Construction
  • Single Family Residential

Variable Commitment

  • Typically 12-24 months

Historically Double Digit Returns

Exclusively for current Cresfund Investors

Focus: Growth